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Flat care:
  • Nutritional Needs (Premium Feed, Hay, Water, Stablingand Daily Turn Out (Day or Night)

  •  Blanket Changes as needed

  •  Administration of owner provided supplements,

  • Basic Laundry Service (does not include blanket washing) 

  • Scheduling of routine health care including: de-worming, shoeing, veterinary care, vaccinations

Full care:  
  • All of the amenities of flat care 

  • Daily grooming and care of horse

  • Trimming and mane maintenance

  • Tacking/un-tacking for all riding sessions

  • Tack cleaning

  • Horse Show Preparations and Packing

Training board:

Various levels of training board are available. Levels of training board includes flat care and is available with professional rides ranging from one day per week to 5 days per week. 


Full training board includes full care.

Layup board: 

Layup services and cost will be made on an individual basis.

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